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Finished book/Review ready

All reviews of finished books will be posted here, along with my star rating for them. Books posted here will stay up until the next book on my list is completed. If you have any recommendations, or have a book you would like me to review, please email:


Up All Night with a Good Duke

Goodreads Description:

"I can think of the perfect way to keep you occupied and your mind diverted," she murmured. "Come to my room. If you're not too tired..."

Lust flashed in his gaze, and then, he caught her face between his hands and kissed her. "For you, my beautiful Artemis, I'd stay up all night."

Artemis Jones―"respectable" finishing-school teacher by day and Gothic romance writer by night―has never lost sight of her real dream: to open her own academic ladies' college. When Artemis is unexpectedly called upon by a dear friend, a fellow Byronic Book Club member, to navigate her first London Season, she comes at once. Who knows, perhaps she can court the interest of a wealthy patron for her school. As long as she can avoid her high-handed aunt's schemes to marry her off.

Dominic Winters, the widowed Duke of Dartmoor, needs a wife―someone who will provide him with an heir and help him to manage his spitfire adolescent daughter. The problem is, Society has dubbed him "The Dastardly Duke." Rumors are rife that he murdered his mad wife, so his choices for a suitable bride are limited. But then, he meets the ravishing and passionate Artemis Jones, who might just be everything he needs.

My Thoughts: 3 Stars

Up All Night with a Good Duke was a decent read by Amy Rose Bennett. While it was rather predictable, sometimes a reader just needs something fluffy that does not involve much brain power after a long day of decision making at work. I enjoyed the names created for the characters and the spunk of Artemis was nice. The story flowed smoothly and did not feel choppy in any way. The only true complaint I had was about the narrator. I typically enjoy a narrator that has a voice that could be believable enough to match with the image of the main character on the cover. The image on the cover did not match the voice at all. The narrator also spoke slowly and I ended up speeding up the audio so I would not grow glassy eyed and bored. The audio also sounded a bit like it was recorded in a tin can. I have listened to many audiobooks and never had this problem before or after, so I do not believe that it was my device causing it. The character voices were also rather similar and made it hard to differentiate who was talking at times. While the audio portion did not do this story justice, I enjoyed the story itself over all.

I received an early copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I respect all reviewers. It's a lot to read a book, think about it, comment about it, etc. I try to read all reviews :) I have 2 books to finish this series and I hope to write/create the best experience I can for readers. It seems we made each other's day!! Happy Friday!! <3


I honestly am crying tears of joy right now that the author actually read and commented on my post! I am a bit of a hard judge when it comes to books, and anything from 3-5 star ratings from me is actually really good. Five star books are few and far between.


I wanted to thank you for choosing my book from probably a hundred titles you could have. And I'm happy it was solid :) It's definitely been like working a puzzle to say the least. I was hoping to successfully bring forward the women, as mothers and daughters, as most of the time they're shadowed by the huge figures of mythical men. I am grateful you read my book. That's the biggest fear of a writer...that no one would ever chose it. So, thank you ;)

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